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Just in case you wondered ... this website is meant to say 'Hart Felt Celebrancy' rather than 'Heart Felt Celebrancy'.  The reason for this is that my site is named after the mythical and magical creature, 'The White Hart'; the majestic white stag of mystery and fable.  
For those of you who are 'Harry Potter' fans, like me, you will also recognise its significance as the Patronus spell of Harry Potter and his father, James, was a white stag.


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What Dreams are Made Of ...

 Celebrations to mark your life events that are as unique

and special as you are

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​email: sarah@hartfeltcelebrancy.co.uk

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Welcome to Hart Felt Celebrancy and the wonderful and exciting world where you can have the celebration of your dreams to mark your special life event - whatever that may be.  

This concept has no limits other than your imagination ... the choice is yours ... the choices are endless. 

I can offer Weddings, Handfastings, Civil Partnerships, Vow Renewals, Baby Namings and Funerals.

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